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We are two sisters, Emma and Ludmila Lo (Emila Lo). We are passionate about life; we love nature, animals, people and the little things that liven up your day. We are specialised in design and communication and we want to use our talents to support the most vulnerable.

Can you help us to help them?

Emma Lo

I am passionate about design and being able to express my feelings and concerns through my creations. I have spent twenty years devoted to my profession, always looking for beauty in everything that surrounds us and trying to reflect art in the simplest things. Now I am excited to be able to put my experience and knowledge into this project, with which I hope to help improve this world a little bit.

My weakness

Without a doubt, my daughters and, surely because I am a mother, I am deeply moved by the suffering of innocent children and women.

My dreams

That my daughters may enjoy clean air, the charm of a garden overflowing with flowers, that they know unconditional friendship, that they fall passionately in love and that, above all, they know how to be grateful in life. I hope to be able to contribute to other children having a fair chance to such a life even if they grow up in less fortunate circumstances.


The warrior

I am a journalist and I believe in the power of words to become facts, truths, achievements. I have been in the world of communication for fifteen years and I have always tried to get involved in projects that have a soul, that have an actual impact. I believe in the power of small gestures and their ability to transform everything around us. Each of us can do a little bit, but I am convinced that together we can change absolutely everything.

My weaknessess 

My family, Olmo (my parents' dog), the beach of Andalusia, the love of my life, cacti.

My dream

That people will be more aware about the footprint we leave in our wake. I dream of a more responsible, grateful and generous world, in which we do not only abandon the rivalry to accumulate more than the other, but in which we appreciate and understand the magic of our vital moment.​


The calm

Ludmila Lo

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